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Solve your labor and food production challenges.

We are a Company Built and Run by Chefs

As a company built and run by chefs, we understand the importance of serving gourmet dishes to your customers as well as the challenges of operating a fast-paced, cost-effective kitchen. Our team of dedicated culinary experts works with partners across a wide-range of industries including hospitality, catering, event venues, travel food service, retail, and restaurants from Michelin-star winners to national chains.

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Cuisine Solutions Thailand

Cuisine Solutions opened its Chonburi, Thailand location just outside of Bangkok in 2017 to meet the growing demand for sous vide in the region and to fulfill orders from long-time customers. The expansive 50,000 square foot facility produces approximately 450,000 pounds of ready-to-serve sous vide products each month for distribution within Thailand and export to Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe, and the USA.

Reliable Savings and Quality from the Pioneers of Sous Vide

We design all of our unique sous vide products using the highest-quality ingredients and prepare them using the revolutionary sous vide technique that we pioneered. As a result, our products are better tasting, safer, quicker, more nutritious, and more cost-effective.


In addition to our extensive menu of entree products, sides, sauces, and more, you can choose to create a custom sous vide dish that is purpose-built to meet the specific demands of your clientele.










Setting the Bar for Production and Food Safety Standards

Sous Vide Exactitude

Superb flavor and texture brought to you by the pioneer of sous vide, Cuisine Solutions Chief Scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault. Deliver top-quality meals while reducing staff needs, prep time, and reliance on raw materials.

A Chef-Led Revolution

Our award-winning culinary team understands the demands of every type of kitchen. Cuisine Solutions sous vide creations offer creative flexibility and trusted consistency.

The Safest Results

Vacuum-sealed, pasteurized, and precision-cooked to the perfect temperature every time, our products are naturally safe and need no preservatives to prolong shelf life.

“We went out in search of the industry experts and really found the pioneers of sous vide. Our teams totally clicked... it was science and culinary brought together. We had an amazing process that created innovation.”
- Taylor Fernandes, Product Development Manager, Food Innovation, Starbucks
“It’s about adding the cook that you don’t have in the kitchen...the products that just make a difference in terms of quality, texture, flavors—really efficiency on so many levels. We are essentially changing the way we are operating.”
- Olivier Gaupin, ​​Corporate Director of Culinary Operation, Benchmark
"It’s about finding solutions for the challenges that we have in the kitchen. Cuisine Solutions has become our prep cook, our production, our commissary, our educators.”
- Chef Marc Ehrler, Vice President, Culinary - Americas, Hilton Worldwide


Announcing the first plant-based Sous-Vide Egg Bites.

In partnership with JUST, we’ve developed a vegan recipe with all the flavor, texture, and protein of our egg-based versions.


Bring our innovations to your kitchen