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Solve your labor and food production challenges.

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Looking for custom food service solutions that can help you reduce food and labor risks, while delivering reliable savings and quality to your restaurant? Look no further than Cuisine Solutions, a globally trusted partner for top-quality restaurant sous vide. As the leader in commercial sous vide for nearly 60 years, we've worked with over 30,000 professional kitchens worldwide to develop delicious, easy-to-assemble sous vide items that lend themselves to endless menu applications. Whether you run a single location or manage a chain with hundreds of locations, our sous vide products can be served with consistent quality that will impress your customers every time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you unlock the quality and value of sous vide cooking.

Reduce Food Waste and Boost Profits with Sous Vide

We offer our restaurant partners customizable food service solutions that help reduce food and labor risks, while unlocking reliable savings and quality. As pioneers and innovators of the sous vide cooking technique, we produce a range of gourmet products that are cost-efficient, time-saving, and result in fewer discarded ingredients. Most importantly, the unmatched flavor and texture of our products will have your guests coming back time and time again.


Choose from our ever-expanding menu of sous vide products or partner with our dedicated culinary experts to develop custom, fully-cooked, premium sous vide options. Expand menu offerings without adding staff, while achieving optimal order-to-serve times that boost profitability. With top-tier food safety standards, cutting-edge industrial production facilities, and a robust global distrubtion network, we are uniquely positioned to help elevate your dining experience while reducing your raw ingredient and labor costs.







Setting the Bar for Production and Food Safety Standards

Sous Vide Precision

Superb flavor and texture brought to you by the pioneer of sous vide, Chief Scientist Dr. Bruno Goussault. Deliver top-quality meals while reducing staff needs, prep time, and reliance on raw materials.

A Chef-Led Revolution

Our award-winning culinary team understands the demands of every type of kitchen. Cuisine Solutions sous vide creations offer creative flexibility and trusted consistency.

The Safest Results

Vacuum-sealed, pasteurized, and precision-cooked to the perfect temperature every time, our products are naturally safe and need no preservatives to prolong shelf life.

“We went out in search of the industry experts and really found the pioneers of sous vide. Our teams totally clicked... it was science and culinary brought together. We had an amazing process that created innovation.”
- Taylor Fernandes, Product Development Manager, Food Innovation, Starbucks
“The thinking for us was: Cuisine Solutions can take that supply chain-QA-food safety challenge that we have every year off the table, we can fix the consistency from an operations standpoint, and maintain or even improve quality.”
- Shane Schaibly, SVP Culinary Strategy & Corporate Chef, First Watch
"I see Cuisine Solutions as a partner. Their mindset always is: even as the business goes through difficulty how can they understand the constraints of what we’re trying to do and partner with us to solve the problems that we’re trying to solve."
- Niren Chaudhary, CEO, Panera


Announcing the first plant-based Sous-Vide Egg Bites.

In partnership with JUST, we’ve developed a vegan recipe with all the flavor, texture, and protein of our egg-based versions.


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